Project Description


Our series film shredders adopt double film shafts design that rotate a medium speed, low noise and high efficient without pusher. Adopt Siemens microcomputer control system with function of start, stop, automatic reverse sensors to protect the machine against over loading and jamming. It is especially suitable for recycling the medium hardness and soft material, for example film, woven bag, jumbo bag, paper and ect. Aiming at different material, it could use different shaft.


PLASTIC FILMWOVEN BAGSTON BAGS (Suitable for but not limited to)


DOUBLE SHAFT DESIGN: Particularly design for soft material. Largely improve the efficiency.
WITHOUT PUSHER: It is more efficient because the material could be fed directly.

GEAR BOX: Hardened teeth on the reducer.

SHOCK ABSORBER: Absorbs vibration caused by the shredding operation. Make sure the shredding process to be steady.

BEARING SEAT: Protective bearing covers to avoid foreign contamination entering the bearing housing. Grease points to release oil at intervals to increase service life.

FILM BLADES: Design for waste plastic film shredding, it is increase the shredding efficiency.

SCREEN: Z type screen is mainly for film material avoiding to get jam, and output will be more smoothly. Different screen size meet different customers’ requirements.


Item XRTF2260XRTF40100XRTF40120XRTF40150XRTF48150
Dimension L/W/H(mm)2146×1805×17543470×2601×22753660×3710×22753860×3710×22753710×3860×2435
Chameter C/D(mm)600×4501000×7501200×7501500×750830×1500
Outlet height E(mm)500900900900900
Blade rotor diameter (mm)φ232.5φ400φ400φ400φ480
Shaft speed (r/min)8274747474
Screen mesh (mm)Z 25Z 30Z 30Z 30Z 30
Rotor blade (pcs)(20+11)×2(51+36)×2(60+42)×2(78+54)×2(78×2)+(54×2)
Fixed blade (pcs)44466
Main power (kw)18.5+18.545+4555+5575+7590+90
Dimension L/W/H(mm)18004880550065007500