Project Description

PET Bottle Regrinding&Washing Recycling Line

500-5000KG/H PET Bottle Washing Line

Gangsu provides PET Bottle Washing Line which is specifically used for recycling, crushing and washing waste PET bottles.

Post-consumer PET bottles are doubtless among the most important components of the recycling market. Recycled PET can be used in a wide variety of final applications, and bring very significant financial returns to recycling companies.

As the quality of waste PET bottles varies significantly from country to country, and even within the same country. As their conditions can be very poor, it is necessary to be continuously updated on the technologies and technical solutions of PET recycling, in order to process the most difficult and contaminated materials and reach the best final quality.

With its worldwide experience in the field of PET bottle washing and recycling, Gangsu can provide customers with proper technical solutions and state-of-the art recycling technologies, delivering a response tailored to the frequent changing needs of customers and market.

PET Bottle Washing Line Process:

PET Flake Quality After Processing (reference only, may differ with different solution):

Moisture Content<0.9%Label<20ppm
PVC<50ppmVariegated tablets<30ppm
PP/PE<20ppmTotal impurity<100ppm
Metal<20ppmFlake size10-12mm (can be customized)

The final usage of PET flakes processed by our PET recycling and washing system divides into 4 categories:
1. Bottle to bottle grade
2. Yarn/filament grade
3. PSF grade
4. Regular grade, such as strapping, brusher making, etc.and washing line

Send us inquiry, and we will provide customized solutions based on your exact requirements and actual situation.

Main part function:

Bottle bale opening

Horizontal and Vertical type. It is used for open PET bottle package, which can improve working efficiency and reduce cost of labor.

Put the material on the moving belt, which will convey the bottle into label remover

Remove sand, small stone and metal, loosen bottle caps.

Removing labels from bottles

Manually remove Non-PET bottles, remaining impurities, etc.

Put the material on the moving belt, which will convey the bottle into crusher

Crush the material.

Special design for PET, powder rate is low and the blade is made by imported materials, which have longer using life and more convenient for blade changing.

Put the flakes into the Hot washer to clean

Cleaning flakes to remove chemicals and separating out rest labels and caps

Connected with steam boiler. Steam is supplied into washing tank to heat water and flakes. Hot water makes waste; label and glue loosen from bottles.
Through input high temperature and high pressure steam, add chemical Medicament, like NAOH, cleaner and etc., efficiently remove glue and oil in the surface of PET flake.

Through high speed blade flap by axis and spray water washing together, PET flakes will be in good washing effect.

Rejection the water from the flakes, moisture content is less than 2%

Hot air drying

To remove remaining light impurities further, such as labels, etc.

Storage materials