Project Description

Waste plastic Dry washing line (with national patent)

Equipment introduction
Waterfree cleaning recycling production line, the use of friction, grinding, collision and other physical force, so that waste plastic pieces and hard objects, fragments and fragments between the collision, friction and grinding. Attached to the plastic sheet dirt and metal impurities, sent to the cyclone and cyclone dust removal and separation, and ultimately get a clean waste plastic pieces.
According to the principle of waste plastic water recycling, the process consists of three parts: pretreatment – cleaning – separation

Scope of application:
Film categories: PE waste film, PP waste film, PVC waste film, agricultural film, industrial film waste film
Woven bags: feed woven bags, woven bags of cement, flour woven bags, space bags, tons of bags, etc.

Total power200kw310kw


Anhydrous cleaning and recycling equipment increases product quality and material yield. As the recovered net material is already dried, the energy required for extrusion is reduced. The cost of cleaning per ton of water is less than the cost of traditional cleaning
This is 30% lower.
Equipment maintenance also saves costs. Due to the relatively clean separation of impurities, follow-up granulator screw, barrel, filters and other vulnerable parts are effectively protected. Air bubbles are no longer produced during the process, and the filter replacement interval is significantly longer. For the screw and barrel, their service life also extended to the original

Economic Comparsion :(according to recycle one ton raw material )

total power200kw310kw