PET Packing Strap Machine

Gangsu co., produces PET packing strap production line. It is use to make PET packing belt, pet packing strap, pet strapping band production line.

PET Packing Strap Machine Description
PET packing strap machine include crystallization tank, drying tank, extruder, gearpump, die head, water tank, haul off, annealing tank, haul off, expension roller, winder. PET packing strap is also known as PET plastic steel belt, which is widely used in packing industrial.

PET Strap Belt Production Line Features
. Using 100% recycled bottle flakes, green flakes, or virgin pellets.
. Adopt crystallization and drying system to remove humidity of molecure.
.PET viscosity is stable so the strap strengthen quality and dimension can be assured. It can be used in automatic packing fields.

PET Packing Strap Extrusion Machine Parameter

Plastic MaterialExtruderWidthCavityOutput
PET FlakesSJ906-19mm2200kg
PET FlakesS1106-25mm4300kg
PET FlakesSJ1206-32mm4400kg
PET FlakesSJ1506-32mm4500kg