Long pipe shredder crusher granulator

Applicable for whole piece of long pipe, big lumps, large volume tanks. Adopt PLC control, reliable, durable, easy for maintenance.
The shredders are the worlds first single shaft shredders able to handle large diameter pipes up to 1200 mm without the need for pre cutting. Since their introduction they became the popular standard for pipe shredding and are used by the leading pipe manufacturers all over the world. More than 100 installations demonstrate our technological leadership in this industry and continuing innovation based on market demands and customer feedback. Depending on the pipe diameter the rotor diameter and width range from 800 to 1500 mm. The standard hopper fits all pipe lengths of up to 3-6m. The combination of advanced controls, low rotor speed and smooth hydraulics create a reliable and easy to use system.
Feature & function:
1 Applicable for shredding big pipe ,big lumps, large size reject.
2.Can be use for big pipe diameter range by moving machine bottom base.
3.Adopt PLC one-key control system
4.Wide application range of material, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost.

Mode feeding tank Pipe size Swing diameter Swing speed Main motor Rotary knives Fixed knives Hydraulic power Total weight
XRHS800 4000*800 3500*630 800 40 2*37 60 4 11 11
XRHS1000 6800*1000 6000*800 1000 32 2*45 108 6 15 18
XRHS1400 6800*1400 6000*1200 1200 23 2*55 200 8 15 25