Two-stage compounding line

Two-stage compounding line includes Twin screw extruder,  Single screw extruder and down-stream pelletizing system. The first stage is to realize the polymers compounding job, second stage is to extrude the compounds with gentle,stable and lower temperature, then pelletizing through the down-stream cutting system.
Combine high-speed and strong-compounding of twin-screw extruder with low-speed, low-temperature and weak-shear of single-screw extruder. It is the first choice when produce heat-sensitive or shear-sensitive material.
Thanks to the modular design principle, both relay and PLC control are also available to be applied in the  electrical controlling system.
All the key electrical parts adopt European brands to guarantee the controlling system with significant and stable performance.

This production line is widely used for all kinds of heating sensitive materials and large-volume degassing process, e.g.
PVC, XLPE, non-resistance cable compound, shielding compound, high-density carbon master batch and procedures after rubber dewatering.
Stage 1 is high-speed co-rotating twin-screw extruder; stage 2 is low-speed single-screw extruder. Two machines are placed vertically.
Principle and characteristic:
Take advantage of twin-screw extruder and single-screw extruder.
Twin-screw extruder transports forcedly, plasticize and compound expeditiously, shear, disperse and have no die-head return-pressure;
Avoid over-heat, which caused by high shear. Single-screw extrudes at a high pressure, but shear at a low speed, so obviate over-heat conflict.
Combination of twin-screw extruder and single-screw extruder, make process function decompose, increase separate operational variable,
in favor of every process’s multiple step optimize, and get higher effect and capacity;
It has wide application in every kind of heat sensitive material and large-volume dehydration etc,
such as: the treatment of PVC, XLPE, zero halogen cable material, shield material, high and thick carbon material, and rubber after dehydration and etc.

Parameter of Two-stage compounder

Machine sizeScrew diameter(mm)Screw speed Max(rpm)Throughput rate(kg/h)
52/120First stage51.4600150-300
Second stage12085
65/150First stage62.4600300-500
Second stage15085
75/180First stage71600500-800
Second stage18085
95/200First stage93600800-1500
Second stage20085